Ken's cd release, Breaking the Glass

1. Annie 2. Moment by Moment 3. Imagination 4. Fly Away 5. I Oughta Know 6. Shout
7. Holiday/Belly of the Beast 8. Mama Don't Worry 9. Another Day 10. Walk With Me 11. Evelyn (bonus track)

Ken Selcer - guitars, slide guitar, lead vocals Mark Shilansky - piano, organ on #7 Lou Ulrich - bass Chris Billias - Hammond organ Larry Finn - drums Eguie Castrillo - congas, percussion Billy Novick - horns Tim Kelly - lap steel Jill Stein, Felicia Brady, Lauren Wool, Marlene Tholl, Mark Shilansky, Andy Solberg, Noah Rohrer, Ken Selcer - backing vocals Keala Kaumeheiwa - acoustic bass #3

Engineered by Huck Bennert and Ken Selcer Mixed by Huck Bennert • Recorded at Wellspring Sound(Acton, MA), Jill's house(Lexington, MA), and piano at Ben Schwendender's house(Jamaica Plain, MA). Recorded and mixed 2001-2007 Šp2008 BMI - Ken Selcer

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Song Descriptions

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Shout it Out
Holiday/Belly of the Beast
Moment by Moment
I Oughta Know
Mama Don't Worry
Another Day
Fly Away
Walk With Me
Even A Fool

"Really enjoying your CD. Thanks for giving me a copy at the TCAN show. I know a lot of the musical cohorts involved on the record. Lou Ulrich played on one of my records. Really cool stuff! ....Keep making the beautiful music." - Tom Hambridge, Grammy nominated songwriter, producer and performer.

"Also in the artist putting out his own material category is Boston-based KEN SELCER with "Breaking the Glass" ( This is put together with love and I'm sure bucks from his own pocket by guitarist/writer/singer Ken (with friends doing backup vocally and instruments). Each original song has a distinct style, from straight singer-songwriter to pop to rock to even funk (with a touch of rap in Blondie/"Rapture" mode). My only real grumble is that the songs are a bit too long, averaging 5 minutes each, but the musicianship holds up with his nimble guitar playing. Using the studio wisely, Ken walks the walk successfully of using various effects without overdoing or overproducing, which shows he knows how to listen to the engineer and/or producer without his ego getting in the way. Even when Ken's voice is a bit vanilla at times, it's is a matter of the listener's taste more than the singer's talent, but there is no question it's worth a try." - "Quiet Corner" column in Jersey Beat by Robert Barry Francos.

"Through candid storytelling and inspired guitar play, Ken Selcer delivers a stimulating mind-body listening experience with Breaking the Glass. Engaging tales of relationship pain, frustration, hope and desire will provoke listeners to revisit thoughts of their own relationships. Listeners will not, however, find themselves stewing in self-reflection for very long as Selcer's lively guitar licks send them truckin' on down the road to relationship renewal." - Dennis Carlan, Lyric Tree Publishing

"Great job on the CD! From what little I've heard you play.....I had a sneaking suspicion it would be good, but I didn't realize it would be this good!! Excellent upbeat tunes, great guitar work and a great job on the vocals...and your band fits your style like a sleeve!! I am very favorably impressed!!!" -Grant(the Guy who never plays it the way its 'supposed to be').

"Have spun BREAKING THE GLASS quite a bit over two different listening periods - it's very good. Not that I had any doubt that you would go backwards because I've always appreciated your artistry, but sometimes we don't stay focused. You stayed focused and it shows." Joe Viglione

"Ken, just to say some words about your album.. I like it. It is really well recorded on production and performance side congratulations! the content of the lyrics and the songs itself have a twisted side of freshness." this is Gilberto (trumpet) take care - Gilberto Cervantes

"What we have here is what I call the "Baker Street Effect"--you get lured in by maddeningly catchy songwriting and a friendly, sunny voice and then get sucker punched by snarling guitar. And yeah, he does sing a lot like Gerry Rafferty of "Baker Street" fame, maybe Ian Matthews, too. His guitar playing is amazing, kind of a cross between David Gilmour and Richard Thompson. His strat-o-rific tones are clean and semiclean...if you had a touch like his, you wouldn't wanna glop heavy distortion all over it, either! The rhythm cats sounds like the pros they are, and the backing vox remind me of the '80s band The Beautiful South, which is a good thing. It all works, and did I mention the guitar? This disc is a keeper."
- Timothy Mungenast of Tim Mungenast and his Preexisting Conditions,

"I do have both your CDs and I like them a lot. Off of Breaking the Glass I added "Moment by Moment" to the rotation. Off of Circuits to the Sun I was playing "Dancing Wild" for awhile and recently added "Streets of Boston" to the rotation. I appreciate you sending down the music...." - Jake Toplitt, WUSC-FM, Columbia, South Carolina

"Your music is really great - I went to all the links and enjoyed the diversity in what you are playing." - Robert Brenner